Did you know…

It’s quick and easy to join the Sam Beal Society!

Set up an automatic donation to help our patients every month.

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Launch a Funraiser

Quick Quiz

  • Do you  have a Facebook account?
  • Would you like to raise money for the Free Clinic with just a few clicks?
  • Would your Facebook friends kick in a few bucks to support the clinic?

If you answered “yes” to each question, you can raise money for the Free Clinic with a simple Facebook fundraiser!

Join other donors who have invited their Facebook friends to donate. It’s easy to bring in dollars that can buy medicine, medical and dental supplies, and equipment for community members who face barriers to care.

Give it a try today! Here’s how:

  1. Visit your home page on Facebook.
  2. Go to the left-hand column and click on Fundraiser (under Create).
  3. Follow the quick instructions to set up your fundraiser page and invite your friends to give. Share your own quick story of why the Free Clinic matters to you.

Use fundraisers to:

  • Celebrate a special event – birthday, holiday, wedding, anniversary. You’ll love the feeling of helping others (instead of pretending joy at yet another necktie or coffee mug).
  • Motivate yourself. On your fundraiser page, post a video of yourself having fun or reaching a goal. Make that recipe, change your oil, crank out those 25 pushups. When your friends reach a donation milestone, post a follow-up video to celebrate.
  • Give yourself. You can arrange to match some or all of the funds raised. Thank you!

Questions? Call 360-450-3044, ext. 101 for help or more ideas. We appreciate your support!