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Volunteer Resources


Health professionals who volunteer at the Free Clinic of Southwest Washington must be licensed (certified or registered) with the State of Washington Department of Health (DOH).

Licensing Requirements & Forms
There are some equivalencies, most notably for credentials with national registries. If you are not licensed with the Washington DOH, please contact the Volunteer Office at 360-450-3044, ext. 103 to discuss equivalencies in more detail.

License Renewal Customer Service
WA Dept of Health MQAC Customer Service: 360.236.2750

Credentialing MDs
A – L: 360.236.2765
M – Z: 360.236.2767

License Renewals

Credentialing Physicians Assistants

License Renewal & Malpractice Coverage for Volunteers

Licensed healthcare providers may have professional malpractice coverage that extends to their volunteer work. If not, the Volunteer and Retired Providers (VRP) Program is a Department of Health-funded project to support healthcare volunteerism with free malpractice coverage. The project also provides free license renewal for volunteers who only use their license for unpaid work (such as retired healthcare professionals).

Get more information and application forms through the Washington Healthcare Access Alliance website.  Or contact the program directly at:

Washington Healthcare Access Alliance VRP Program
P.O. Box 14506 Seattle, Washington 98114

Phone: 267-713-9422
Fax: 206-260-8859


If you are actively practicing in another state or are retired from practice in another state, call our volunteer office at 360-450-3044, ext. 103.