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Project Access Information

For Patients

Do you need to see a specialist but cannot afford the cost of a visit?

Project Access can help patients get a wide range of medical specialty care. The list of specialties changes depending on the availability of providers. Project Access may also cover imaging.

To qualify for Project Access, patients must show proof of the following:

  • Be between 19 – 64 years old.
  • Be a resident of Clark County, Washington.
  • Have no access to health insurance.
  • Have a combined household income at or below 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. Your household comprises you and anyone you live with who is in your family (this includes spouse and any dependents that are claimed on your federal taxes/W-4).
  • Be referred into the program by a provider. 


What happens next?

After a patient has been referred to Project Access, the referral must be approved by the Project Access Medical Director. The referral must meet the criteria set within the medical scope of the program.

Once the referral is approved by the medical director, a Project Access Care Coordinator will set up a financial screening appointment with the patient. At the appointment, the care coordinator will review documents to make sure the patient is eligible for the program. All patients must bring paperwork to prove their income.

How do I get my first appointment?

When patients are approved and enrolled in the program, they will receive a Project Access card that should be taken to every appointment. This is not an insurance card, credit card or financial assistance card. It simply proves that the patient is enrolled in Project Access.

Since Project Access coordinates care for patients, all appointments need to be approved by one of our care coordinators. If appointments are not approved, patients may be responsible to pay for the services that they received.

Our Care Coordinator will make an appointment at a volunteer clinic or hospital in the community. They will call the patient with information about the appointment. Patients who miss a scheduled appointment may be removed from the program.

How long will I be enrolled?

Patients are enrolled in Project Access for six months