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Did you know…these fun facts about the Free Clinic?

The Free Clinic is homegrown and has been community supported since 1990.
We do not accept state or federal fundnig to provide patient care.
We have earned a Gold Star rating fromt eh GuideStar charity rating service.
Our volunteers change lives!

Prescription and Medication Assistance

The Free Clinic of Southwest Washington offers emergency prescription and medication assistance for patients with qualifying medications.

We cannot fill prescriptions for mental health medications or family planning medications like birth control pills/devices.

We do not carry pain medications or narcotics

Please call 360-313-1390 to make sure your prescription or medication meets the criteria for assistance.

The Free Clinic of Southwest Washington is unable to accept donations of open or expired medications or medical supplies. We also are unable to accept any narcotic, mental health or family planning medications.

If you need to dispose of open or expired medications, contact your local Fred Meyer or Safeway pharmacies or the Clark County Central Transfer and Recycling Center. For disposal of narcotic medications, contact your local police department.

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