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Volunteer Scheduling

Online Scheduling Center: VicNet

Our online Volunteer Information Center Network (VicNet) is accessible 24/7 at your convenience.  It makes volunteering easy and allows volunteers to manage their own schedule in their own time.

Click here to log in and schedule on-line.
login =  (your email address)
password =   (your password may be sent to you from the login page.)

VicNet lets you add or edit existing shifts and see who else is scheduled on the shift with you.

If you need assistance, email us at or call the volunteer office at 360-450-3044, ext. 103.

Scheduling Options

We know your time is valuable. We work to accommodate the full lives you lead in our schedule of services.
In order to build capacity, effectiveness, and team spirit, we are trying to increase the number of volunteers with regular shifts. If possible, please try to schedule a regular, repeating shift.


When the same volunteers work together each month they build friendships and improve clinic capacity and team effectiveness. Volunteers may register for a regular shift by calling the volunteer office at 360-450-3044, ext. 103.


If your schedule is always changing, you may log in to Vic Net, the online scheduling tool, each month to schedule your shift(s). This scheduling style is valued for its flexibility in filling gaps in the regular schedule.


If a regular shift is not available or does not match your schedule, we can provide you with a substitute status. Substitutes view the calendar more frequently and fill any gaps up to two weeks in advance until they obtain a regular shift. Substitutes are valued for their ability to accommodate last-minute needs and keep clinics fully staffed.

Questions? Please call the volunteer office at 360-450-3044, ext. 103.