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Free Clinic of Southwest Washington

Project Access Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Project Access located?
Project Access is a program of the Free Clinic of Southwest Washington. Our physical address is the same: 4100 Plomondon Street, Vancouver, WA 98661. Our telephone number is 360.313.1390 and our fax number is 360.313.1391.

Does Project Access only serve residents of Clark County?
Yes, Project Access only serves established residents of Clark County – meaning you must have an address located within the county borders. Patients who are residents of the tri-county area (Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties), are served by another Project Access program called Project Access NOW. Other Project Access programs exist in various communities in the state of Washington. To access these programs, you must also be a resident of these communities.

What if I do not meet the income requirements for Project Access? What if I am over-income?
Depending on the type of medical problem you have, Project Access may be able to give you information on clinics or hospitals that provide care at sliding scale rates. Please call us for more information.

Can I walk in to the Free Clinic of Southwest Washington and talk to someone about Project Access?
No, our care coordinators are busy throughout the day with patient appointments. We ask that you call us first.

I have Medicare . Can I see a specialist through Project Access?
No. At this time, Project Access does not accept Medicare.

English is not my first language. Does Project Access offer interpreter services?
Yes. Project Access provides interpreter services.

 How did you come up with your income requirements for the program?
All income requirements for the program are identical to the charity care systems of our local hospital partners. In fact, we meet with our hospital partners on a regular basis to assure that charity care standards are being met.

Why do you financially qualify patients for Project Access?
Project Access patients who need specialty care often receive thousands of dollars worth of care for free.

Does Project Access connect patients to primary care?
At this time, Project Access does not connect patients to primary care providers in the program. However, we can provide resources to patients seeking primary care providers in the community.

I  was told that I needed to see a specialist through the Project Access program. What happens next?
Project Access will call you (usually within one week) to complete an initial financial screening over the phone. If you qualify, we will ask you to meet in person with one of our Patient Care Coordinators. You will be asked to produce documentation of your finances.

I was referred to the Project Access program from another clinic. Why am I being asked to see a doctor at the Free Clinic?
Many patients referred into the Project Access program only need to see a specialist once or twice. The Free Clinic of Southwest Washington’s urgent care program has many specialists who volunteer and it is easier for the patient to see one of these specialists than enroll in the Project Access program.

Will Project Access pay for all of my medications?
Project Access will help pay for medications prescribed by the specialist only, not your primary care doctor. Once a patient completes treatment and is no longer enrolled in the program, patients will be asked to pay for medicine on their own.

Project Access pays for these medications out of our own budget. We do not receive state or federal funding. For medications that are extremely expensive, we may ask you to enroll in a prescription assistance program from the drug company.

We cannot pay for medications prescribed by your primary care doctor.