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For questions about volunteering, please contact our volunteer office at 360.313.1389 or volunteer@freeclinics.org.

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Volunteer Requirements

If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact the Free Clinic at 360.313.1389.

1. Identification

All volunteers are required to show a valid piece of photo identification for our files. Acceptable documents include state ID, drivers license, or passport.

2. Requested Commitment (and exceptions)

In the interests of sustainability and continuity, we ask our primary volunteers (that is, those who staff ongoing clinics) to make a average commitment of one volunteer shift per month, for one year.

We have learned that when the same people work the same shift together each month, we get incredible results. They build working relationships, improve clinic capacity, and increase overall effectiveness just by getting to know each other. And frankly, they have more fun. Many of our volunteers have been with us for more than 15 years and are still full of passion for our mission!

There are exceptions to this commitment request:

  • Health Professionals, Physicians, Specialists, Dentists, Pharmacists, etc., or other busy professionals who have challenging schedules, sometimes commit to one shift per quarter (4 times per year).
  • Professional Volunteers (non-clinical), Legal Counsel, IT Consultants, etc., who offer to contribute their services will determine the scope & duration of their contribution.
  • Board or Committee Members will meet the terms of service set by the Free Clinic Executive Committee.
  • Interns or Externs (academic or other) may serve increased hours or a shorter time span depending on external requirements and/or internal program needs.

3. Credentialing

Washington State Department of Health Credentials: All health professionals, including Medical Assistants, must be actively licensed, registered or certified by the Washington State Department of Health (WA DOH).

Retired health care professionals, or those who practice solely in another state, may obtain a WA licensing renewal (and liability insurance) at no cost if they want to become volunteers. Check our Volunteer Resources page for more information.

4. Liability Insurance

Dentists and Physicians must provide their own liability insurance or obtain free insurance from the state of Washington (see our Volunteer Resources page for details). All other volunteers are covered by the Free Clinic of Southwest Washington professional liability policy.

5. Physician Assistants

PA’s are encouraged to volunteer, but must first file a practice plan with the WA Department of Health (supervised by our medical director) and volunteer a minimum of once a quarter. We will provide you the paperwork after reviewing your application.

6. Background Check

  • Policy: As part of the volunteer application process, Free Clinic of Southwest Washington policy requires that all staff (volunteer and employed) pass a criminal background check.
  • Oregon Residents: The Oregon State Criminal Background Check agency charges a $10 processing fee to access records. Please include a check for $10 (payable to Free Clinic of Southwest Washington) if you are an Oregon resident.
  • Exemptions: Health Professionals who are certified, registered, or licensed with the Department of Health in Washington State must pass a criminal background check as part of their licensure, and are therefore exempt from this requirement.
  • Process: Submit this form Criminal HistoryCheck with your signature, and we will conduct the check within seven days.